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Remove 'Leave A Reply' from Product Details Page

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  • Remove 'Leave A Reply' from Product Details Page

    Sometime over the last two weeks, the layout of the Products Detail page has changed and its not clear to me where the page design originates. The Product Details pages do not appear under WP Pages, so I assume the instructions are embedded in the WP EasyCart script.

    Here is what has changed:
    1) the default page design has changed from 'sidebar/content' to 'content/sidebar',
    2) the widgets which appear have changed (most likely due to the change in the default design page and my specific widget menu selections), and
    3) a 'Leave A Reply' section has appeared at the bottom of the page (no option exists to eliminate replies or comments in the page edit).

    I'd appreciate advice on how to
    1) change the Product Detail page back to 'sidebar/content' design default, and
    2) disable the display of the 'Leave A Reply' section on the Product Detail page.


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    Those changes do not appear to me to be anything related to the plugin, but more of a theme setting. For example, themes control the layout of sidebar/content and content/sidebar. Same with the Leave a Reply. Nothing in our plugin does that as that is a common commenting section built into wordpress.

    I know if you edit a page, such as the store, you can disable 'comments' by unchecking the box. (note: you may need to go to the top screen options button in wordpress and show the commenting stuff)
    And the layout is usually controlled by editing a page within the template section you can choose the sidebar or full page, or column based, or whatever the theme offers. Every theme is different.
    Widget areas are also effected by the theme design chosen. some have a sidebar widget area, others have a footer widget area, others dont' have some.


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      Right, I understand. Where does the WP page design get assigned to the Easy Cart Product Detail page? That is not clear to me.

      I created a WP page for the Online Store Page, but never created any WP pages for Product Detail pages.


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        It does this all on using the same page system. The Product and Product Details are all part of the [ec_store] system. Then the account and the cart have their own pages as they are somewhat different sections all together. The [ec_store] is very much the catalog browser though and the system dynamically builds those out.


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          I've attached jpg's of the WP pages in edit mode - you can see the Attributes sections of the two pages are different. The Online Store Page allows the selection of the parent, template and order - which allows me to control page design including widget layout. The Product Details Page (Edit Store Item in WP) includes the order field, but excludes the parent and template fields

          Website url

          Note, the WP widget configuration I have assigned to the Online Store Page and the Store Item Page are identical, yet the widget layout in the Store Item Page is not conforming. Seems to me somewhere there is a template assignment for the Product Details Page (Store Item Page) which is inconsistent with the template assignment for the Online Store Page.

          Thank you in advance for your assistance.
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            sorry for late response, but if someone still needs this information. I know the page lets you select a 'Parent' but they should never be subpages of another page. Some customers have been selecting the cart and the account area to be subpages to the parent store page, but that never works. Each store, cart, and account must be top level with no parents.

            If people would like to organize them and sub-pages, it is best to use a menu structure that does this. Now this may not resolve what is discussed here... wasn't entirely sure.

            The only way I know we get widgets on the templates where we want them is to edit the wordpress theme being used. Some of our themes we create special page layouts just for the store, cart, or account area... but generally just use the sidebar template or the full width layout.


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              Still trying to solve this one ...... the page can be found at


              The wysija Leave a Reply et al form (div id=”respond”) is showing up on the bottom of my product details pages. While the wysija form is extremely well designed, I do not want it to show up on the product details page.

              I would simply edit this page to eliminate the link to the plugin, however the page appears to be automatically created by the EasyCart app. None of the EasyCart product detail pages are available in WP for editing. I have searched the ec.product.details css and cannot locate the source of the wysija script.

              Can you recommend script for the Responsive Child css to prevent this Leave a reply form from displaying on the product details pages?

              Thanks for your assistance. Murph


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