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Putting Text in the Price Field

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  • Putting Text in the Price Field

    Hi, I am using this cart to display marketing material for my company, however, I do not want to include the price for each item. Is it possible to leave the price field blank or replace the number value with text?

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    Just to let you know, we just responded to your ticket as well, so please look for it and if you receive, please respond back so we can address some of the questions in there on the ticket.

    As for this problem, you must enter numbers for price, the code will not allow characters, etc. in there. The thing to do is to simply use CSS to hide the pricing and the add to cart if you don't want those elements either.


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      I just responded in the forum thread. Thank you again.

      How do I get rid of the shopping cart / checkout all together and have the plugin act as catalog more or less, without the option of checking out or listing prices?


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        responded to your ticket today... if needed, it might be best to use an email that will go through for the tickets, perhaps a gmail or something? hopefully you get my ticket responses. thanks


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          Answers to these questions instead of we have responded to your ticket would be more helpful to others