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Title on Product page - Can't change color

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  • Title on Product page - Can't change color

    It the process of setting up my site with Easy cart.
    I have struck an issue though. On my product pages the title of the product is black - so is my background. I have changed the colors of the values in the Easy cart settings but the title wont change. the Quantity text is also a color i wish to change.
    How can I change this.

    Here is my product page

    screen cap of the settings attached

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    I could not see the titles black, they seemed white to me, and it appears you are in catalog only mode? so the add to cart buttons not appearing. You can enable or disable this in the EasyCart Admin -> store setup -> advanced options.

    but if things are still not aligning with your theme, then you would need to simply enter some CSS into the advanced optoins -> custom css section to adjust as needed. A web designer can certainly help with something like that.