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Add a comment box to checkout page...?

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  • Add a comment box to checkout page...?

    We'd like to make it possible for purchasers of our book to let us know what to write inside the book. How do I add a comment box to the checkout page?

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    Can you consider making it an option at the product level?
    See... Create Option > Option Type > Advanced : Text Area.
    Seems like that would be appropriate.


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      Yes, we do have option sets for that at product level, but we also have a comment box you can enable at checkout. Basic settings. You can also change language by using the language editor section in easycart.


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        Would the comment appear on the website?


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          I'm having an issue setting up Option Sets --- I just set up my store and i want to add Sizes to the items but i can't figure out how to get the option sets to show "Sizes" with a drop down menu S, M, L, XL etc... can someone please walk me through how to set this up? I've tried multiple ways with no success. I'm using Basic Combo - Option Name: Sizes - Option Label: S, M, L, XL
          Nothing is working... please help!


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            The comment box can be added in the WP EasyCart -> Settings -> Checkout, 'enable customer notes'

            Option sets can be created in the WP EasyCart -> Products -> Option sets, choose basic combo. Once the option set is created, add option items by clicking the icon next to the edit icon (first icon of four) that is a box with an arrow coming out of it. Once you navigate here, just click add new and add items like Small, Medium, Large, etc...

            More information on that here:


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              Is it possible to change the notes section on the checkout page. At present the title says "Order Notes" with the description text underneath "If you have any special requests please enter them here". Is it posible to change this text anywhere?