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Instagram Social Media Icon Not Appearing

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  • Instagram Social Media Icon Not Appearing

    Facebook and Twitter icons appear but the Instagram one doesn't. All 3 have their respective urls inserted. Please advise.

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    This might be something we need you to submit a support ticket on. There are a lot of social plugins and theme add-ons that try to handle social buttons on a wordpress website and everyone is conflicting code when this happens. If you do have social media plugins installed, I recommend removing them, same with the plugin. then you can see if the icons in easycart are handled correctly... then you can enable the others and try to setup types of exclusions for their plugin if necessary.


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      I don't have any other 3rd party social media plugins or other plugins. I just have all the plugins from the WP Easy Theme. I was just told this is a known issue with the theme and a fix is supplied now with the new release.