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Cart Widget not staying visible

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  • Cart Widget not staying visible

    Hey, I'm having problems keeping the cart widget visible when I use hover to open it. If I switch it to "click to open", it will stay open when clicked, but with hover, as soon as your cursor is off the link, it disappears so people can't actually hit the check out button. I've been playing around with the functions ec_cart_widget_mousein() and ec_cart_widget_mouseout() but can't seem to get it to work. Any help would be appreciated!

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    This issue is likely due to a css issue. If the popup does not align properly with the link, leaving a gap, the user will "mouse out" before ever being able to click something in the popup. I would recommend submitting an email to with a link to this page and we can provide some guidance to fixing the css and getting things aligned.


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      Thanks! I wouldn't have thought to look there, didn't realize the cart was meant to come up immediately under the link (I had moved it down because it looked nicer). Just had to move down the ec_cart_widget_minicart_bg bit (for anyone having the same problem). Not quite a perfect fix, but good enough for me