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  • Product Design Page - Image pIxelation

    First product I added to the software is just a picture of a ticket. On the product detail page the image is massive and taking up the entire page and very pixelized. I just want the layout to have a small photo on that page. Do I have to modify the php template to fix that? Is it a CSS issue? Is it a page layout issue in WP Admin? How can I get it to look good?

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    The product details page is designed to be a 2 column layout, half image, half the product details... It will use whatever your theme sets up for a content area, so if it's wide, it will use 1/2 of that area for the image and 1/2 for the details... this makes it consistent... You may want to edit your image and perhaps add whitespace to it, or add a variety of techniques to make it workable in that area.