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    When I print orders to use as packing lists in shipments, only the order information is printed.
    Can I customize this so at least the company information prints as well? It would also be nice
    if the company logo could appear on the print out too.

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    Yes, you can completely customize that printed order page from the administrative area in html. The file is located at:

    plugin folder /wp-easycart/inc/amfphp/administration/printorder.php

    You can add logos, custom design messaging, etc. on this page.


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      We did have a release here today for about 12 hours that woudln't allow updating or inserting of a product... the newest release Testking HP0-S34 braindumps has this all fixed though, so might have been our end as well.


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        I have seen this type of request before, it's an option system that is dependent and driven on the previous option, which we do not currently offer.

        It is a similar system as a car parts manufacturer wanted, where they select year, then make, the model, which is driven by the previous selections... unfortunately we don't have a driven type leather jacket women of option system... only options that will appear for all products and all the time... size, color, weight, things like this that are selectable.


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          I like that idea to, but unfortunately we don't have that setup yet... part of the difficulty is making it easy and understandable to setup... option sets can get so complicated and overwhelming if we add to many variants in setup... but we know we like this idea... car parts stores is a great model.