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"Returned Fault: NetConnection.Call.BadVersion" at entering a model number

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  • "Returned Fault: NetConnection.Call.BadVersion" at entering a model number

    after using the software for more than a year without trouble, I just tried to add a new article. I get this error when I try to edit the model number. All other fields look correct.

    I tried to update the software but I already was up to date.
    I tried to use the admin console on the server and not local - same problem.

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    I found it working very slow in firefox but working, fast in chrome but with errors. mhm...


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      Did you try a different model number for testing purposes? I've had an error trying to enter a model number that I swear was unique and available but ended up I was trying to use something already in use. I've also seen an odd error entering some data (maybe that error you had) however the data I entered was saved and everything was fine. Kind of like a false positive. If your error continues to be a problem, I would start a support ticket.