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    How can I control the related product images. It happens from time to time these are getting too large so you will only see a part of a product. The images are 800 x 800 but they seem now too large. No possibility to get them smaller I thought there might be a conflict with a plug in but that seems not the case. This happens often when I change an image. Even replacing the new image with the old image is not solving the issue.



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    Update even after putting back a backup of yesterday the issue remains the same while yesterday it was working well. Also shuffling around with the images doesn't work although they are 800 x 800. Activating and deactivating the product doesn't help either. Testing with a new product same outcome as well.If dynamic images is set they get extremely large. It appears that the resizing of the images to thumbnails is not working in this setting as of today.
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      Seems like a theme Theme7 issue. Browser is throwing an error like "Unsafe attempt to load URL data:image/svg+xml;utf8" suppose it has to do with this? Is there away to get rid of this?