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  • How to use Shipstation

    I installed Shipstation on my Wordpress and added the API keys to WP Easycart, created an account on Shipstation website. I also have read the Setup Shipstation Instruction. But I could not find where can I create a label for the orders, is it within Easycard order page? Or do I have to go to Shipstation website to create the label. Also, when I tried to import my orders to Shipstation to ship, I was asked to connect to a store. I could not find WP Easycart from their store lists, nor on search. Can anyone suggest me how to use the Shipstation?



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    When using ShipStation, shipping is 100% handled on the ShipStation site once you make that connection. When you ship an order on ShipStation, data is automatically transmitted back to the EasyCart to update the orders there. The advantage to doing all shipping on ShipStation's site is that they will populate shipping options based on previous selections and over time speed up the process of creating labels (among other great shipping tools). In addition, refunding an order through EasyCart will automatically remove shipments from ShipStation for you.