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Inventory is not getting updated from orders

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  • Inventory is not getting updated from orders

    I am running version 4.0.12 on Wordpress 4.9.1 and use Pinboard theme version 1.1.12.

    We are a non-profit organization and we recently ran a campaign to sell some goods to raise funds. All the products have been set up with the Quantity Option to "Track Overall Quantity". Several orders have been booked and the Inventory has remained unchanged from what was originally set up. I did not face this issue in the previous versions.

    I also do not see any view to see the list of orders against each product. I am sure, this is something everyone wants to see.

    Would appreciate guiding me to get the inventory tracking working.

    - Murali Santhanam

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    So this may depend on your payment gateway... Are orders converting to 'Third Party Approved' or 'Card Approved' automatically? If not, then it will never remove from inventory because the payments aren't communicating or processing fully back with easycart. For example, paypal requires an IPN be set to talk back to your easycart and approve order, send out emails, update inventory, etc... just an idea.


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      We are not using Third-party Gateway. Payment is made offline. Order is created with the status Deposit Pending. Later after payment confirmation the status is manually changed by us to "Order Confirmed". Even after this the Inventory is not updated. What is the trigger for Inventory update?


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        Unfortunately inventory editing will not work with this method. It is an automated system designed to work with payment systems which convert orders to approved statuses automatically, send out email confirmations, work with inventory tracking, etc. With manual or direct deposit, it's entirely up to you when you feel the product should be pulled from the shelf and removed from inventory, so that is either something you can enable and manually updated or something you can disable and not utilize.