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How to create products that don't appear in the store?

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  • How to create products that don't appear in the store?

    I have some products right now and all of them automatically go into the same "shop" area. How can I create a product and display it only in certain locations, rather than the main shop/store? I.E. Lets say I wanted to create a landing page and I wanted the product right there to click on and buy, how can I put that product only on that one page where it shows nowhere else?

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    So you will want to organize products into 'categories' and use these 'categories' to display on your menu... for example on our demos we have fashion, then we have womens, tshirts, furniture, electronics, etc...

    You can do this by following this guide area:

    You can decide which products show on the first store startup page by going to that product and editing -> basic settings area and 'show on store startup' needs to be unchecked. Now it will only show in a category you create and put it in.

    The nice thing about categories, is you can put them on your main menu wherever you like or link to them with graphics, etc.