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Where do I make a gift card?

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  • Where do I make a gift card?

    I'm sorry I am so stupid but I can't figure out WHERE to make a gift card. Can someone please just tell me the menu path? Thanks.

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    Go to add new product... fill in the basic info... click create new product... then you can view all the other settings. Scroll down to about the 6th one called Basic Settings and you will see the box to select the product as a Gift Card Product.


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      This is correct... the product then becomes a gift card item. When a purchase is made, it also creates the gift card in easycart so that it can be used at a later time and redeemed. After a purchase, you would see the unique 12 digit gift card show up here:

      Alternatively, you can go to this same admin panel and create gift cards manually.

      hope that helps some more.