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Product Options in the Email Notification and Paypal Slip

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  • Product Options in the Email Notification and Paypal Slip

    I sell products that have 3 options ( ). Purchasers can select whether they want no signed copy, a signed copy or a custom inscription. Those options are not coming through on the order notification email or onto the packaging slip on Paypal. The only way for me to know what was chosen is to go back and log into the website admin. My question is whether there is a way to cause those options to be part of the order notification. It's the same as having someone order a garment and not having the size or color come through. Seems like there should be a way to accomplish this.
    Any ideas? All would be appreciated,

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    We do not do this in easycart because we have a lot of option types and it does make sense for small options like size or color, but then you get into file uploads, quantity grids, text areas, and it doesn't make sense or look good to have those... users can always find details when they log into their account and view orders, but we try to keep the emailers cleaner looking and more consistent... by removing those options.

    The email receipts are never meant to replace having to look in the wordpress admin console to fulfill orders. It is always the best route as the order information found inside the admin console is much more in depth and useful for fulfillment. Order emails and receipts are more of a confirmation or a quick notice to admins that an order is placed, but we always recommend viewing in the order console before fulfilling... much more info and actions that can be taken.