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How to display sub-category on a page?

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  • How to display sub-category on a page?

    I have set to display product category on my store page. In one of my category, I have four sub-category with total 21 items. I want to display those 21 items in four different category so that our customers will be easy to find what they want. I have read the online documents and watched the videos, but couldn't find a solution how can I do that? Any help will be much appreciated.

    Here is my store page:

    In the Netbell Timed Alert System, I have Bell System, Buzzer System, Bell Controller, Tone Generator sub-category. When I created the Netbell Time Alert System as the parent category for those 4 subs. When I clicked the parent category and went to the detail page, the 4 subs displayed on top, and all the items displayed below that. This is not what I want. Here is what I expect:

    When I click the parent category to enter the product page, I want to group those 21 items in 4 groups based on their sub-category name. How can I do that?

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    You may need to try some of our shortcode for this really...either that or display your categories on your own page with your own design, this way you can get more control. For example. 1 page in wordpress would have your 4 categories, then 4 pages would each contain your sub categories, and they could then link down to the sub category products. I often design sites this way rather than use the store categories if they do not present exactly how I need. Here is some docs on our shortcode, they can also be helpful when you make a page and want it to display product categories, or just categories, etc.


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      jjones, thank you for your reply. So when I displayed category on the store page, it's automatically link to the product lists page included in that category. If I create different pages for each sub-category, how can I change the link on the store main category? I checked that shortcode docs before, but couldn't figure out how to do that. I do want to display all parent categories on the Store page, then when people click one category, if there are sub-categories in that parent category, display the products by categories.