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    I've got my FedEx production number and I've entered everything, but on the admin side, it wants a password. The production key didn't come with a password, what should be entered?

    USPS - What is the option for first class mail? It's not listed and when I select Standard, it still shows the priority mail rates.

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    These might be good questions to ask FedEx and USPS as they would know where you can locate your password for live rate systems.

    The way the live rates work, is you can setup a UPS rate, FedEx rate, and even a USPS rate, and if you have a shipping code entered in the admin, it will try to return those. You can mix and match carriers this way (although rates take more time to return if you use multiple carriers), but perhaps you are seeing a priority rate from another?

    If you need us to have a detailed look, you might submit a support ticket on our website with your wordpress admin loign info and we can see what you have setup.



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      Wordpress should provide a jobaid to create production key and password for your FedEx account. It is a self service process at Under the web services section, you should click on Move to Production and click on the Get Production Key icon. Complete the web form and the key is provided on the confirmation screen and the password is emailed to you. You can contact tech support at 877.339.2774 and at the voice prompt state API. When the agent answers, tell them you want the information to create production credentials. Also, here is a job aid:


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        You might go to your settings -> shipping setup and click on the save fedex credentials area and see if it shows 'Error' or 'Connected'.


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          ok, so yes, maybe packaging or location/rates. For example, do all products have weight AND dimensions setup for them?

          Also, keep in mind that all shipping rates such as 2nd day or next day air may not go to every zip code. In my area for example in oregon, we may not get 2nd day or next day air and thus if those were the only shipping codes shown, they will not show up. Same with shipping ground to hawaii or alaska, those codes may never show up for users in those cases.

          I always recommend adding as many shipping codes as you can, then let the shipping API determine which will show and return those that are valid and good for the user to show... add a bunch, then try it and see if you get one or two to appear, then you know it's working.