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Wrong address error code

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  • Wrong address error code

    After installing new version of Easy Cart we experienced this error which did not allow order processing for the newest product:
    "Something is wrong with the address you have entered. Please check your city, state, zip, and country to make sure the values are correct."

    We corrected missing Session Path info so variables could be written to, and now our status dashboard is all green. But we keep getting the error message, and the order will not process. What can we do?
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    If you receive these errors, the best thing to check is your design file management area. V2 templates are not compatible with V3 plugin. Be sure to change the layout/theme to 'no child theme' and this way your easycart will use the latest design files after each update going forward.


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      I have the exact same issue but the resolution mentioned does not work in my case. Please Help?


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        This may need a support ticket, this was an old forum post back in version 2 and 3... We have no reports of this in version 4 or any of the current stuff, so we will probably need to see a support ticket to get in and help resolve the issue.