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  • Initial products displayed for customers . . .

    How can EasyCart display a group of products when a customer first enters the store? Right now they see a smattering of products based on the limited filters in the Admin Console, i.e., most views, etc... But whet I would like to see if either choose one category or menu group displayed and let the customer browse from there.

    s there a way of doing this?

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    So if you edit a product, there is an advanced listing option to 'show on store startup'. Those are products you want to feature on your store startup page. It allows you to be specific about which show and which don't when a user just enters the store.

    IF you want to show a category, i suggest making a 'category' of products, as you have probably done, and then go create a new page in wordpress and use our shortcode to put the category of products on that page. Now you can call that page your online store or store or whatever, and you don't have to exactly show the 'store' page for easycart, you can show the 'category' on your main menu and have it be your store page easily...


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      Thank you, I appreciate the response.