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Problem adding or removing items on homepage

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  • Problem adding or removing items on homepage

    I can't seem to add or remove category items. Josh, can you help here ?

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    also download products is not working for the cart.


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      I also like you


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        If items will not add to or remove from the cart, this is usually a connection problem between the store, cart, and account pages. I suggest viewing the introductory video on setup. 3 pages run the entire ecommerce system and usually work pretty well. If that doesn't solve it, then it can be a conflict with a server or plugin setting, but really rare.

        If download products is not working, I suggest everyone edit a product and upload an item. Now you can visit your web host and look in the /wp-content/plugins/wp-easycart-data/products/downloads/ folder to see if the files are actually being uploaded there... If not, then there is a permissions issue. If they are, then you should be able to download from the store after a good successful order.