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Missing order numbers - where do they go

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  • Missing order numbers - where do they go

    Orders come in then the system misses out an order number and orders continue from the next number on, i.e. order 250 (OK) order 251 (OK) next order is 253 (also OK) but where is order 252?
    Is there a way to see partly completed orders or orders that had invalid payment details entered thus making Easycart to jump order numbers?
    Can we see that missing order number anywhere in Easycart?

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    Trying to paste order number found in our database, but forum will not let me do it so typing it below;
    content is;
    Response_id: 194
    Is_error: 1
    Order_id: 2061 (our missing order number)
    Processor: Stripe
    Response_time: 2018-01-21 09:56:46
    Response_text: stdClass Object
    [error] => stdClass Object


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      unfortunately no, in some cases, there could be a list of errors, communication problems, other aspects that do not pass tokens, what easycart does is purposefully remove those and the db needs to move to the next order in an attempt to try again. It does not mean you missed an order or had a problem, it could be simply a problem at the gateway level that the order did not transact and it will do it another means and move forward. We do not leave these as they cause all kinds of data corruption if we did and not to mention look odd, possibly causing other aspsects of easycart not to work, etc...