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Update failed with adverse wordpress access problems

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  • Update failed with adverse wordpress access problems

    I recently updated the admin interface successfully in Wordpress then tried to update easycart pro to 4.017 which failed. Immediately following this I lost access to my Wordpress interface and when I try to log in to Wordpress I get two messages. The first concerning having cookies turned on is invalid - they are accepted and this setting has not changed. The other, upon login, is an error concerning my server undergoing maintenance or having capacity problems. However my website itself is unaffected so there is no obvious server problem - I just cannot log in to Wordpress though I still have FTP access.

    I have seen a similar post from earlier updates with people having the same problem - Is there a solution?

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    An update - I used a website backup to restore the earlier version of WP-easycart by FTP. I use a Statcounter plugin which continued to generate some error messages so this is disabled to get my site working again. However I am worried about trying to run the update 4.017 again - has anyone else had a similar problem?


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      I had the same issue throwing an error however nothing seems to be out of sorts for now that is


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        We see this time to time, if an update of any plugin or theme fails, you may see a white screen for wordpress or entire site. The system puts up a temporary file in the root called .maintenance whenver you update something, and if it fails, you can get stuck there and it is left with this 'site is under maintenance' white screen.

        If this ever happens, you can simply go to the root of your website via FTP or web host control file manager and delete the file '.maintenance' and it comes back online.

        If you still have trouble, you can always go to the /wp-content/plugins/ folder and simply rename a plugin temporarily. This may be enough to allow you to log into the admin, deactivate it, then you can go rename the folder back to it's original content...

        If a plugin just gets half way uploaded it can do this, or if it errors during the plugin upgrade... maybe the server timed out, hit a load limit, hit a max upload limit, maybe it also hit some type of bandwidth restriction, or just a glitch for the day. happens once in a while, but usually the fix is fairly easy to get it running again.

        all wordpress does during an update is overwrite the plugin folder, so you can always grab the plugin from, and upload it manually right over the plugin folder on your system to make sure all the files get put up...