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How to print up list of sales totals?

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  • How to print up list of sales totals?

    Hello, I need to print up a list of all my sales w/dollar amounts for each with the grand total someplace for all sales. Want the all-time total, not a certain month, etc. How is this done? Thank You.

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    As long as you are not using any custom export plugin (not common) you should be able to go to:
    Orders... Bulk Actions... select Export All CSV... click apply.
    Then you can open that CSV file and edit is however you want in a spreadsheet such as totaling the column called Grand Total for example.

    FYI... we use a custom export plugin so that method would not work for us. However we use Quickbooks and we would simply just run a Quickbooks report to get any sales info. That plugin is a tool for us to help get orders into Quickbooks. Easy Cart has a Quickbooks plugin that might be worth a try. We use a different method that works pretty well for us.
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