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How do abandoned carts affect quantities?

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  • How do abandoned carts affect quantities?

    Hi - it is unclear to me how abandoned carts affect product quantities.
    When I look at the abandoned cart section of WP EasyCart it says "No abandoned carts found," but under that it has "abandoned product stats - last 7 days." There is a huge list of products here with quantities in the hundreds! To me that looks like one product was abandoned 235 times (for example) in the last 7 days. Is that right??
    And if someone puts something in their cart, leaves, forgets about it and never comes back (whether or not they receive abandoned cart emails or not), what happens to my product quantity? I cannot seem to find a clear definition of how this works. If someone could explain, or point me to the right place to read, I would greatly appreciate it.
    I've also looked at Section 5.4 Abandoned Carts of the online documentation, but it does not clearly answer this question.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Abandoned carts currently only appear if a user has logged into their account. This will change to all users that at least enter their email address during checkout starting in version 4.0.29.

    The goal of the abandoned carts is to provide enough information to contact the user through an abandoned cart email and why this will be less than your total abandoned products.

    The product stats appear to be incorrect, there is no limit on date so that shows the lifetime product abandonment. We have made adjustments and the data should be correct in version 4.0.29 and above.

    Product quantities only change once a user completes the purchase and adding to cart does not effect the system quantities.