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  • veedub3
    started a topic Store Page Question

    Store Page Question

    On my store page, I have 4 featured Categories showing. What I want to happen is, if you click on one of those categories, it takes you to that category page, but that is not happening. When you click on the category, it just goes right back to the same store page that I am on in the beginning. Is what I am trying to do possible with this plugin?

    Edit: I do not want all of the products to show on the main store page.

  • jjones
    So the main store page is the 'featured' page really. Edit a product and under basic settings you can specify if it's a features store product that will show on store startup. That way you get what products you want on that first page.

    As for categories, yes, they should open a category page.... you might submit a support ticket on -> easy cart account so we can login and look at the shortcode on the page and help diagnose... might check your wordpress settings -> permalinks and make sure your on '/%postname% method permalinks. also, under easycart settings -> additional settings you can make sure you are 'use custom post type linking' on there to use the best SEO permalinks possible.


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