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No PayPal Express Checkout showing on site?

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  • No PayPal Express Checkout showing on site?

    Hello friends. The documentation shown here ( states that PayPal Express is offered on the free edition. However, this does not clarify if this is referring to PayPal Express Checkout or PayPal Standard. Based on the screenshots in the documentation it does look to be referring to PayPal Express Checkout.

    However, my PayPal Express Checkout is not functioning like EC is suppose to. Image Cart1 shows that the PayPal EC button is not displaying under Checkout like the documentation shows. Why is this? PayPal1 image shows that inside my PayPal account I am linked and the permissions are granted. I have tried disabling and re-enabling, but it doesn't seem to resolve the issue. The video tutorial does not seem to help, as this shows how to set up PayPal in the premium edition of WP Easycart. In the free edition of EasyCart, clicking on Live just throws you to PayPal to grant permission and that is it. What am I missing here? Could this be why I am getting API Webhook V2 CURL errors and API Create Order CURL errors?

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    The free edition does not allow PayPal Express on the first page of checkout due to limitations with PayPal's API and our ability to charge a fee to free users on this solution. Due to this we must capture the customer's shipping information, generate a shipping and tax rate, and send all that information at once as an Order instead of a Payment.

    Upgrading to Professional edition will allow you to offer on the first page because we can then use a different PayPal API that allows the customer to send your system their shipping information from PayPal after selecting payment, shipping, and billing on PayPal's site. The customer can then choose shipping and see tax on the review page and agree to pay all at once.

    There is also an option to show/hide on page 1. So if you are a pro user, this is in the advanced options for PayPal Express's setup.