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Thank You Page After Purchase URL?

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  • Thank You Page After Purchase URL?


    I need the "thank-you" URLS that someone receives once a sale is complete to track conversions via adwords. Our ad person is asking for this. I could not find it.

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    There are a couple options. The first is to use the built in adwords system, this is in the WP EasyCart -> Settings -> Third Party. The second option is to program it using the hook wpeasycart_success_page_content_top -- more info here: -- this requires a bit of WordPress programming knowledge, but gives you the most flexibility.


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      This is exactly what I want too. I have one line of tracking code which normally fits on a page after the customer has purchased.

      I set my own parameters using my own tracking software this generates the code for me to insert in to a page (I think). How do I achieve this please guys?
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        Hi again, ok so I am looking up what is the file which I need to edit and add the code? Seems easy enough


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          You can use the "" hook, to add custom code within the success page. We recommend that you do not edit plugin files so that you can continue to receive updates.


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            Hi, thanks for the reply.

            I'm confused sorry. What code do I add and to what page?


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              Sorry, bad copy and paste, the hook is "wpeasycart_success_page_content_top", from the link above:

              Hook Type: Action

              Hook Name: wpeasycart_success_page_content_top

              Hook Arguments:
              • order_id (number)
              • order (ec_order)

              Hook Description: This action is run at the top of the cart success page, allowing you to add scripts or additional content at the top of the cart success page.

              Hook Example Usage:

              Within Class: add_action( 'wpeasycart_success_page_content_top', array( $this, 'my_class_function' ), 10, 2 );

              Outside Class: add_action( 'wpeasycart_success_page_content_top', 'my_custom_function', 10, 2 );

              10 = priority value, 2 = number of arguments

              function my_custom_function( $order_id, $order ){

              echo "put script here for anything from third party code to additional content for the user on successful purchase.";