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B2B prices not showing on some products

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  • B2B prices not showing on some products

    This is when a Wholesale user is logged on: Not exactly sure why, but this seems to be caused by Volume pricing; example is a product priced at £1.25 which has volume pricing of quantity=3 with price=£0.90. since adding the B2B price of £0.81 the shop does not display the £1.25 crossed out with the B2B price of £0.81 but those products display "As low as £0.90". Then If added to the cart it is added with the B2B price. Products that do not have volume pricing fields are displayed with the retail price crossed out and showing the B2B price. How do we correct this please?

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    Another requirement for B2B is that when a wholesale customer is logged in they are required to order a minimum quantity of at least 10 of each product, or a varying bulk buy amount according to which product is being ordered. So then the B2B price would be times the bulk buy total for that product.
    How can we achieve this when the logon is a wholesale account and not have it happen to a retail (public) account?

    Hopefully I have described this requirement properly
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      So some more complex pieces in B2B like this may require simply setting up a new store for them. We have some B2B pricing, which is great for changing product pricing, but once you dive into option sets, varying tiered pricing, or minimum/max quantities, we don't have a way to seperate these completely for everything EasyCart offers... I always recommend that users who want varying taxes, shipping systems, promotions, and smaller B2B items like you have here are better off just installing a wholesale easycart on a different wordpress... This gives you 100% control over B2B functionality as we could never build enough user role pieces to every option within EasyCart...