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Setting to display 4 columns of products on Store page

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  • Setting to display 4 columns of products on Store page

    I thought I had this working, but my Store page is back to 3 columns and the images are way too big. A 4 column store looked about right, but I cannot find the correct settings. What do I need to set to have the Store page display 4 columns (on a desktop) of products?

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    With setting the store view there are a three main things to keep in mind.

    First: If you use the front-end live designer system to set columns or design type, this will override any defaults set in the store design settings. This feature is meant to allow you to customize a look from one category to another, or one page to another that uses a store shortcode. On the live designer you can hit the "set as defaults" to store that info to all pages not yet setup.

    Second: Defaults can be set in the WP EasyCart -> Settings -> Design, if you set it there it will apply across the store on any page that you have not previously set the design on the front end.

    Third: Columns are available to be set at multiple screen size levels, so although you could set the desktop view to 4 columns, likely a tablet or laptop would see the next size level down and would be set at 3 columns (phone to 2 columns when horizontal and phone to 1 column when vertical).

    I like to point to this video, minute 5, to show the live design editor in case anyone is unfamiliar with that part of the store: