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  • Paypal stopped working

    Paypal suddenly stopped working for the cart. I am on free and it's updated.

    After clicking the checkout button, the paypal popup opens and I'm seeing that the icon with the lock animation just keeps going, never seems to load.

    Looking at the log we have an error listed
    PayPal Standard Exception
    Invalid HTTP request method.

    My IPN URL I think is correct and might be unrelated I don't know.

    In the log I also get
    PayPal API Create Order Response
    PayPal API Webhook V2 Response

    with no errors. any ideas? Thanks!!
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    Because the popup opens and stalls, this is most commonly a temporary PayPal issue. If not that, it can be a plugin or theme conflict where it is causing a JS error as the window launches. If you continue to have problems, please email with a link to your cart and we can take a closer look at it.

    Other possibilities to look for:
    -- Common test that may fix this would be to disable PayPal, refresh the page, then re-enable PayPal in the WP EasyCart -> Settings -> Payment. I suspect this was a temporary issue though.
    -- Also we are seeing if the name of a product is blank (or invalid characters that are removed) it will fail, we are adding a test for this in the next version.