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My Deactivated Items Still Show up

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  • My Deactivated Items Still Show up

    I have tried deleting my browser cache, refreshing and trying to find out what could be possibly caching my store. Deactivated items still show up. Can anyone help?

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    This would indicate that it is not browser caching, but rather your website/wordpress probably has a caching program/plugin installed. Look through your plugins to see if you have caching plugin installed and deactivate. Some themes even have caching built into them.

    If you can't find any there, the next step is to talk to your web host. Godaddy is notorious for caching, but some other hosts do as well, such as WP Engine and many others. Here is a little bit of documentation on this:


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      I had the same issue. Since EasyCart is my only plug-in and does not cashe, and the WordPress people claimed ignorance, this seemed unlikely.

      The fix I used was inside the theme itself: in the store page, the code simply defers to the plug-in, " [ec_store] " so after (1) clicking the button 'update' in EasyCart, I then (2) clicked the 'update' button within the WP theme's store page. This partially corrected the problem. Then, within the WP editor pages, in the store, in the individual product link (a page that does not show up in regular 'Pages' menu in WP) there is (in my theme) a 'settings' gear/button, that sets the design parameters of the look/feel of that page, on the bottom there was an 'apply and save' button, that (3) I clicked on. That solved the rest of the non-updates.

      Recap: 1) Save update in EC, 2) Save update in WP theme page, 3) Resave styles on subpage in WP editor. That work-around, worked for me.