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  • Emails are not working

    Hello - I have tried to setup emailing customer invoices and it is not working when I do a purchase. I cannot get the test email to work either. I have tried Wordpress and SMTP approaches and nothing is working.

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    so email can be frustrating... Setting the email system to WordPress email system is the right approach, it just uses whatever wordpress uses to send email. The SMTP plugin, something like 'Postman SMTP' is a good choice because if you set it up right, it has a log file, so you can see if the messages are sent.

    We are no email experts, but you can at least look at the log now and say it's 'Sending' or if it's a 'Receiving' issue.

    I would also be sure to use gmail accounts to do initial testing with, that way you can rule out your own email server, hosting server, etc... if you find emails go to gmail, but not your own hosting server, then you may want to have a discussion with your email provider.


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      Hi. thanks for the response. Using wordpress functionality isn't working yet either. Is there anything specific that I need to do to ensure that when an email is triggered in WP easy cart that it uses the wordpress email?


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        i actually got this to work finally. thank you


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          What did you have to do so that others may know as well?