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  • Live Shipping Label Note

    Regarding Live Shipping:

    Please consider removing the "service days" note after the shipping options. In "ec_shipping.php", the code I'm referring to is:

    if( $service_days > 0 )
    $ret_string .= " (" . $GLOBALS['language']->get_text( 'cart_estimate_shipping', 'delivery_in' ) . " " . $service_days . "-" . ($service_days+1) . " " . $GLOBALS['language']->get_text( 'cart_estimate_shipping', 'delivery_days' ) . ")";

    In the shopping cart, a selection for UPS 2nd Day Air might look like this, for example:

    • UPS 2-Day Air (delivery in 2-3 days)

    Removing the "service days" note would make things much more versatile for the merchant. However if a merchant wanted the note in there, they can still have it by entering that info on the option label. But some merchants have different lead times so that delivery note would not apply.

    Our company has many different lead times for different products, anywhere from 0 days (shipping same day) to 3-4 weeks for custom fabricated items. There's also the possibility we are away at a trade show or shut down for a few days doing inventory or whatever and temporarily not shipping items. And delivery time may not include weekends. All these situations would complicate that note. Personally, I would prefer to have the option in this example simply read:

    • UPS 2-Day

    Forcing us to have the note of "delivery in 2-3 days" is confusing and misleading to the customer. But if you omit that note, the merchant can write whatever they want in the label of any shipping option such as:

    • UPS 2-Day
    • UPS 2-Day Air (delivery in 2-3 days)
    • UPS 2-Day Air (delivered within 3 business days)
    • UPS 2-Day Air - 2 day delivery guaranteed!
    • UPS 2-Day Air - Ships with 24 hrs!
    • etc, etc...

    You get the idea. More versatility for us merchants, your customers. I think EasyCart is really great with so many goodies in it and I would just like to see this detail become more versatile for us and other merchants. This is a small detail but that's where the beauty lies.

    Thank you for your time and attention!
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    I'm told this should be revised in the next release (March) to have a "on/off" switch for the service days statement. That will be great! Many thanks!