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  • Product bundles possible?

    Hi there,

    I am evaluating EasyCart as a potential solution for my client's needs, and based on the feature set it seems it might work. Been using WooCommerce till now but it seems to be ridden with bugs and it's not working out for us. The only feature I can't tell if EasyCart offers is a way to bundle products, which is something WooCommerce did.

    My client has an inventory of pork, in 25 lb. bundles. In addition to 25 lb. bundles, she needs to be able to sell a half-pig (the equivalent of 3 25-lb. bundles), and a whole pig (the equivalent of 6 25-lb. bundles). When someone purchases a half pig, internally EasyCart needs to treat that as a purchase of 3 25-lb. bundles, so the inventory is reduced by 3. Similar for the whole pig. But the customer just sees that they purchased a half pig or a whole pig. They don't need to know that they purchased X 25-lb. bundles of pork.

    In WooCommerce I would create a product bundle for the half-pig and whole pig. Can EasyCart do this?


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    Unfortunately no, easycart does not have a bundle system. We would track inventory based on how many go into the cart in total, or by option, but not as a bundle of things as you pointed out.