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  • Limiting Coupons

    What I would like to see is the ability to limit coupons to a certain number of uses. Also the ability to limit a coupon to a certain dollar amount. Example: a single-use (per customer) coupon for 10% off of a purchase of $10.00 or more. Thanks!

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    So looking through that, the ability to limit a coupon to a certain dollar amount? would that be similar to our dollar based coupon? where a user enters it and gets 10 dollars off, or is that something else?

    Also, the single use (per customer) coupon for 10% off, which means you would need to create a new coupon for each customer? or are you thinking that a customer uses it, but couldn't use it again? reason I ask is couldn't someone just create a new account and use it again? otherwise, creating a coupon individually for each person is already sort of there, they just need to be unique codes, but that is time consuming... so I think you are wanting them to only apply to an account once, but seems like it would easily be compromised, having a relative order again, or a friend, or they make an account for a child, etc.

    we want to expand this area, but find it difficult to keep the integrity of it as well... so suggestions are welcome.


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      I create artwork and sell it on my site. What I would like to do is give out a one-time use coupon to people who buy a license to use my artwork. So I would be giving out coupons to individuals as they purchase the license. But I would also like to make it a coupon that they can use when they purchase $5 or more in products. That way I won't be giving things away for free when they combine a coupon with a sale item. I would like to restrict the use of that coupon to just the account that I gave it to, but that's asking a bit much.


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        I understand what the person is asking is that a coupon is only usable IF the dollar amount is reached. So say I have a coupon that does 0 shipping, but the only way it works is if $10.00 is in the cart. If they try and enter the code without 10.00 in the cart the coupon is rejected. Can we get that set up? I really need this to happen ASAP


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          I would like this feature too. Specifically, I would like to be able to set the limit that a customer can use the coupon.


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            We were discussing our coupon system and promotion system and really we want to build a tiered pricing system for categories and manufacturers, able to set up by percentages... and we also want to beef up the coupon system to include all of these features here. I am hopeful that within a year we can develop all of this and have it in our system once we get V4 released.