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New "Number Option" feature

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  • New "Number Option" feature

    I really love the idea of this new EC feature...

    • "New Feature - Number option set type allows for a quantity of an option item to be added to the product and can adjust pricing based on amount entered."

    ...and it could easily take the place of some of the other ways of doing options. However there are two things that are keeping me from being able to use it.

    1. The "option model number extension" for this option. It would really be nice if the model number extension could equal the number the customer enters. For example, if this is used for the customer to select the "length" of an item and they enter 12 for the length, the "option model number extension" for that option would be "12". I'm not sure if there would be store owners that would not want that but if you felt it was necessary, there could be a checkbox in admin to use the customer input value ("12" in this example) in the "option model number extension" or not.

    2. I think for most merchants, there would need to be boundaries set up for the minimum and maximum values a customer could enter. For example, maybe the "length" was only available from "5 to 150" or something like that.

    There are also 2 minor oddities when I tested this feature from the customer's point of view.

    A. The default value when first viewed is "0.00". This made me think that a 2 place decimal could be used. It should probably just appear "blank" to the customer or have an initial value set in admin.

    B. When I set this option up, I checked the box that said "Option Required". I expected the customer would be forced to enter a value however if they just left it at the default "0.00", the customer could add the item to the cart without a the "option error message" I had entered in admin.

    Overall I think this new feature could be very valuable but feel it should be tweaked a little as outlined above. Thank you for your consideration.