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  • Auto complete digital downloads

    At the moment I have to manually change digital downloads from 3rd party approved (pay pal) to another option, e.g picked up once people have downloaded their files, given that the system records the number of downloads it would be really useful if something could be written so that any digital download order with a value greater than zero recorded in number of downloads could be marked as completed, this occurs with many other online shopping systems

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    This could present a number of issues doing this, for example what IF the user has shippable items and downloadable goods in the order, flipping to completed status would mean you were done and never possibly ship goods. Or what if a user has multiple downloads and gets one download, but not all of them, or perhaps your business needs all of them downloaded in an order to then be marked complete. To many various business situations I believe to have it auto convert the status of an order. We do track how many downloads are made, which is likely how far we want to take it, the change of an order status we really want a person to interact with once it's paid for... just our thought on the topic.