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    Looking for the ability to create a copied product that is active but does not show up (i.e. navigable) in store. Only through a special emailed promotion. Ideas?

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    I found out how to do this. For those (three others that looked at this post) that want to know... Make a copy product, make it active in the store under advanced settings, then under product category, remove it from any of the active categories. Then you can copy and past the "hidden" product URL to campaigns and only those coming from the campaign will be able to find this product!


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      I wondered if they might still find it in a site search.


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        Hey Stompin, thanks for commenting! Glad to see others in here. To answer your question, they can find it, but what I found it the copy gets a unique name, in this case, it was simply adding a "-2" on the end. Also, the unique part number could be searched. In the case of our store, it wasn't too obvious and we were ok with that level of cover if you will.

        The sale turned out pretty good and there were a confirmed number of clicks that we were able to easily monitor.


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          Anthony: I think I would have done exactly what you said... just removing it from all categories, menus and from store startup means the product runs, but it doesn't really show up anywhere... leaving you to be able to use the url if you wanted to direct to it. We have done this in the past with our own sales.


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            If you don't want it to appear in a search, I use a plugin called "Search Exclude". I edit the cart page live by going to the product web page and click the "edit" link on the lower right. Then I can select that page/post to be excluded from searches.