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  • Soft Opening Questions

    I purchased WP EasyCart but I have a few questions...

    Is there a way to clear the abandoned cart completely prior to going live? I don't need my test carts as leftovers from learning the program...

    I found that using any apostrophe - either as quotes 'Merope' or The Devil's Back adds a back slash and changes them the read '/Merope/' or The Devil/'s Back; looks bad and it is not the name of my item(s)

    Is there a way to default the admin product page to 500? and/or return to where you were (or am I missing something?)

    My site has SSL; all pages are https. However when I upload my product photos, they're reading as http... it's tedious to go in and physically change each one by hand. is there a work around for this?

    So far, this is the BEST Cart I have tried and I would really like to move forward with it


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    We don't have a way to really clear out the abandoned cart system, but if you turn it on, you can delete those individual entries from testing or what not and then it's ready to go. We also don't default the admin area file or record lengths. We have a way to show up toward 500, beyond that it can crash many servers doing large queries.

    I would probably need you to get a support ticket for the other items here, we would need to have a look and see about those items specific to your site.



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      Thanks LOADS! I'll open a ticket for the apostrophe and the https issues... I turned on the abandoned cart but it shows no Abandoned carts found ( there's 191 on the graph/stats)
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