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  • Crypto As a Payment Processor

    I see the option to add in a "custom live payment processor" but when I chose this option, no further configuration options are given. If I wanted to add in something like CoinPayments or something similar, how would I go about doing this and still keeping Paypal as an option for those who want this? The majority of my artwork I sell via crypto rather than fiat currencies, and I feel like the need for buyers to contact me first hampers a lot of sales.

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    So if you choose to have a custom live payment processor, it means you can build a custom PHP file with all the programming you like and it can then tie into a system like that. But we don't have any interface or integration with them, so you have to hire a developer to build one and have it customized to function and work with easycart. Most users on this area will copy say our PHP connection file so they can see the various input and output of our gateway system and then develop and program their gateway in-between.

    We don't have any crypto currency in easycart though, so it would all have to be custom developed by you or your development team.


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      Thank you for the information. I was wondering how it would work since choosing "custom" does not bring up any type of configuration settings at all. This leads to a few new questions.

      1.) Can I do a custom live payment processor and Paypal? When I chose one of the other live payment processors, it seems to disable the Paypal option above, but I haven't looked into it enough to confirm if that happens or not for certainty.

      2.) How does the system know what file I'm using as the custom payment processor? I'm okay to write the PHP myself, but how will cart know what file it's expected to use? Is there a specific naming convention?