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Really really slow admin panel over 30 seconds to load

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  • Really really slow admin panel over 30 seconds to load

    For some reason today my admin panel is taking ages to load.

    I've added a few items over the past few days and it's been fine. But today it is really too slow to work with.

    Is there something that can be done - I'm waiting like 30-40 seconds for an admin page to load and every interaction is a long wait.

    Not sure what's gone wrong with it
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    For the last week on and off I keep getting the "The WP EasyCart Registration system is currently down. We have temporarily disabled registration checks and you will see this V3 message in the meantime. Please disregard at this time." message and trying to do something in the admin panel is painfully slow.


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      Currently experiencing the same - but much worse, 5 minutes to load a page in admin, but the public facing site is fine.
      If I disable WP EasyCart - admin is fine.
      It was fine last week.

      What's changed - PHP went from alt-php 7.4 to ea-php 8.1.

      Flipped it back - no difference - still slow.

      Hosting company says it's a plugin.
      WP EasyCart is trying to help, but thinks it's a hosting issue.

      I'm a sysadmin by trade, and I am at a loss.


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        Update: I moved my site to a different hosting provider - it's now working fine and the performance is better than ever!


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