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    I use the PayPal Website Payments Pro API solution (aka PayPal Payments Pro) to accept credit card payments. I would like to know if the latest version of WP EasyCart (v.3.2.6) passes the "Ship to" address to PayPal Pro. I've tested it with v.3.2.4 and 3.2.5 but it did not work. This is a very important to me so I am able to have "seller protection" for PayPal payments and proper records showing the AVS response corresponding to the "ship to" address for credit card payments. The latter would be required by MasterCard/Visa as part of "relevant transaction details required for responding to the chargeback."

    This is about the only hurdle I have before I can use EasyCart. Other that that, EasyCart with Wordpress is looking like a really great ecommerce platform. Hope this got resolved as I'd love to start using EasyCart!
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    I believe we added this in the latest releases.


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      Great! I think that should make EasyCart usable for me. I will go ahead and make the purchase and hopefully start implementing EasyCart.