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    I am interested in using the QuickBooks Extension. Are the orders transferred to QuickBooks as Sales Orders, Sales Receipts or Invoices?

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    I think it would be very helpful to have a map that shows how all the EasyCart data "maps" to which QuickBooks data so users know what to expect and how to set things up in QuickBooks prior to using the extension. Could someone please post a map showing how they correspond? Thank you!


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      Are there any QuickBooks extension users out there? Just looking for someone to shed a little light.


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        Sorry for the late responses... the quickbooks extension I believe has them going in as invoices, which we liked because it allowed for refunds, but some were saying they needed sales receipts...

        I agree, a mapping would be nice, but we just are not there yet on our documentation on it. It's only $20 bucks and we don't have overwhelming need for users to download it, but we offer it and if it needs tweaking here and there we do... It is a one way sync though, for orders coming into quickbooks, customer accounts coming into quickbooks, and products coming into quickbooks. It does not sync changes in quickbooks back to easycart.


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          I just read on the QuickBooks Extension order page the following under the heading "Easy Invoicing"..."Manual paying customer orders come in as Invoices, while sales come in as Sales Receipts." If that's how it's done, that would be perfect (and you would be awesome) but I guess I'd like confirmation.

          Regarding your comment above... it does not make any difference when refunding in QB. It's easy to refund a sales receipt.

          Please keep this in mind... Most internet orders are purchased at the time of the order. If they are, those should be Sales Receipts, a receipt of a payment made. Invoices are items to be billed and sent to the customer and they are paid for at a later date on predetermined terms. Both have their place and their definitions should not be confused. If most of your orders are paid at the time of the order (credit cards, Paypal, etc.) the easiest, best and most correct way would be to get Sales Receipts. Dealing with multiple invoices would a long tedious process to get them individually marked as paid, something you bypass with Sales Receipts.

          I use both in my business (as well as statements). I generate invoices within QuickBooks and send to customers for payment. But everything from web orders are Receipts. If an internet order happens to be a payment by check, it's easy to set it aside in a pending status and if needed it can be refunded. But 99% of the time, it's a card or PayPal payment. If those came in as invoices, I would need to spend a lot of time inputting customers names and payment amount to each invoice and mark them as paid. That would be tedious manual work, an unnecessary pain. Coming from someone who's used QuickBooks for many years and having my Dad as my accountant (he's a CPA, CGMA) it's important to get one's accounting set up right. I know you kind of dismissed the QuickBooks extension as just a $20 plugin but if you get it right, greater numbers of new clients will want to use EasyCart. If you are able to offer a lot of bang for the buck, you can rule the shopping cart world. I think you could be on the right track but just make sure all the wheels are oiled.


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            I'm trying the QB extension again but I'm having a couple of problems with installation that I did not have in the past.

            1. When I click to download the QWC file, I get the following error:

   is currently unable to handle this request.
            HTTP ERROR 500

            2. Plugin says it needs to update from version 1.0.7 to 1.0.13. However when I click to update, it acts like it updated but then it goes back to saying there's an update available. It always stays on version 1.0.7.

            Can someone please advise me?

            Thank you,


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              So we have fully dropped support for quickbooks extension... We still offer it for free if anyone wants to work with it, but its just to finicky of a plugin for us to deal with...

              Sounds like you might try to download the latest one though in our extension marketplace...


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                v1.0.7 is what is in the current marketplace. But it keeps wanting v1.0.13 but it can't upgrade. Vicious circle. Can you put v1.0.13 in the marketplace?


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                  I will look into it and see if we ever had a 1.0.13? I know all the updater files except one said 1.0.7, which I corrected now.... but if we have a 1.0.13, I will put it up.


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                    Great. It's not bugging to be updated so that looks like it got fixed. Thanks. I'll try it soon.

                    One more thing that maybe you or Matt or someone could answer for me... There are some fields in the EC product export relating to Quickbooks. I understand "income_account_ref", "cogs_account_ref" and "asset_account_ref". Can you let me know the intention for "quickbooks_parent_name", "quickbooks_parent_list_id" and "quickbooks_status" is so I can better understand how to implement these for products. I see the default value for "quickbooks_status" seems to be "Not Queued" for each product as that is what is place there when I create a new product. Please help me sort that out. I just want to know what they are so I can try my best to work with the plugin.

                    Thank you!


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                      HI There, we are having the same issue, at first it constantly wanted to be updated, but it still gives a 500 error when we try to generate the QWC file.. What should the path be so that it runs correctly.


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                        Originally posted by stompin View Post
                        Are there any QuickBooks extension users out there? Just looking for someone to shed a little light.
                        We wish we were a QuickBooks extensions user. We paid the money, but have had no support after numerous queries via email.


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                          Yeah, I just tried to get the QWC and got the same 500 error too. It's too bad that development has stopped. I worked with it a few versions back and felt it was pretty close to working well and I was looking forward to trying the latest version. I really thought the QB plugin was something that would be really good for EasyCart in general to make it very appealing to a lot of merchants. I would even be happy with just a one way dump of orders and customers into QB. Although 2-way communication would be cool, I don't necessarily need it. A one way dump is what I have now with my current cart I've been using for the past 17 years or so. I have been phasing that cart out in exchange for some other features with EC but was disappointed the QB plugin stopped development.


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                            I just found out that QWC existed --- I was very excited and planning to sign up but now I find that it's no longer being supported or developed... does it still work?


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                              There's potentially a new way that I have been working on to get orders into QB. It uses another application that will dump order into QB any way you want it to. It's a one way import but works very well. I'm waiting for the next release EC as I hear it's supposed to have some minor tweaks to be able to use this application easier than it is right now. I changed the order export PHP file a little and it worked great. If EC follows through with adding that as an order export option (with a little more polish), this application will work nice for a one way dump.