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create account/ returning customer disable?

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  • create account/ returning customer disable?

    is it possible to disable this feature.? i have set up the cart for product purchase but i dont want returning customers to create accounts. can it be disabled so i have a cart and store only? is there a css code that would disable it? under checkout the create account is showing required so it cant even be bypassed.

    im a pro member but feel maybe i have the wrong plug in as i cant find the option to remove this

    any help appreciated.

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    You can hide the guest checkout using custom css, added in the WP EasyCart -> Settings -> Design, custom css box:

    .wpeasycart_create_account{ position: absolute !important; top: -10000px !important; left: 10000px !important; opacity: 0 !important; }

    Please keep in mind: If you are selling downloads, subscriptions, or gift cards it will require the user to create an account to ensure the user can access their purchase after it is completed. In these cases your user will be required to create an account.


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      I tried this today and it does not work.


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        This works:

        .wpeasycart_returning_customer { position: absolute !important; top: -10000px !important; left: 10000px !important; opacity: 0 !important; }


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          Please keep in mind doing this though can mess with the actual functionality down the road if you need other features.... it can be hard to diagnose issues when it's customized in such a way that prevents the normal functionality from working.