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Link Slug is no longer auto-filling with spreadsheet import

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  • Link Slug is no longer auto-filling with spreadsheet import

    Thanks for reading. Link Slug is no longer auto-filling with csv import, and I have to go back and manually copy and paste the Title into the Link Slug which is very tedious. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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    Try going to the WP EasyCart -> store status page. We have a few tools here to rebuild permalinks, rebuild products, etc... they should rebuild those slugs for you if you rebulid those.


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      Also, be sure in the wordpress -> settings - > permalinks you are using the 'Postname' method of permalinks, they look best for SEO and work best with EasyCart Products.


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        Thank you so much for the fast reply!
        Before I click any of these "reset permalinks | rebuild permalinks | Fix Category Permalink Issues | Fix Product Permalink Issues" do I need to worry about 404s on the products that already have working Slugs? Thanks!


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          No, it will reset them... but it uses the title. If you are customizing the permalinks, then you will not want to run them.... as these processes essentially reset them. But if you have a mix of good and a mix of bad 404 errors, then running this will go through and get them all working.


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            Just want to follow up on this for any one else with the same issue.

            Clicking the "Fix Product Permalink Issues" at the bottom of the page did fix the issue with empty Link Slugs.