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  • Importing from WooCommerce

    I found something reading the instructions for Molla setup with WP Easy Cart.

    I did not originally setup my store with WooCommerce and pretty sure that's why it doesn't look like what it should look like if WooCommerce was install. I know this because I setup the same store with WooCommerce after the fact to see.

    So now, I'm wondering how to go back at try it again. I still have the WooCommerce version saved. It was a separate Word Press install.

    If I upload that back to my server, then re-install WP Easy Cart, I think I would have to transfer my license. If it doesn't work out, I would have to transfer the license back.

    Don't want to cause any problems with the transfers so maybe I could use the free version to see.

    Any ideas?


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    You can move your license of easycart around easily... run the free version and anytime you type in the license to one site, it simply deactivates any other sites it was on and puts it on the new site. You can move the license around easily at anytime.

    Our license just unlocks and locks features, it never touches the data, that all resides in the wordpress you install your easycart into. So just because a license moves to a new site doesn't mean all the data would move... if that makes sense.