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  • option item details price adjustment "phrase"

    Regarding advanced or basic "option item details"

    Currently when you have an option with a price adjustment, the "Option item name" in appended with a phrase such as (+$x.xx per item) or (item price of $x.xx). It would be really nice if we could control that a little more in the following 3 ways to better suit different types of custom products and clarity for the customer. For me personally, #1 and #2 are the most important but I'd like to see all 3.

    1. Have an option to omit any phrase like that in the option item name label on the product detail page.
    A. That would also enable someone to put any custom phrase they wanted to in the option item name label.
    B. When you have another option with a price multiplier, the phrase dollar amount ends up being false and adds confusion to the price.
    C. Longer option item names when appended with the said "phrase" makes the line of text even longer and does not always suit the size of the option such as the combo box length or a small screen.

    2. Omit (or have the option to omit) any phrase like that in the cart page. When the item is in the cart, I personally have not found any additional phrase like (+$x.xx per item) to be helpful. To me it just looks confusing since the customer already made the selection and the totaled price was shown prior to adding to the cart. I also feel the extra wording in the cart kind of clutters up the description and can add confusion about the price.

    3. In "Advanced Language > Product Details Page", have the ability to select the phrase language. For example maybe change (+$x.xx per item) to (add $x.xx)... or change (item price of $x.xx) to ($x.xx each) or something like that.

    Thank you for considering this change.
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