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API to track orders ?

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  • API to track orders ?

    We at provide an end to end marketing tool for E commerce websites. I am a developer at Refiral, and was wondering if WP EasyCart has an API for tracking orders. If not an API, is there any way to include a javascript snippet to the final page which appears after successful payment (the Thank You page) ?

    In case neither of the options are available , is it possible to add a PHP code to the Thank You page which would contain the JS code along with details of the invoice (Coupon Code used , Total Amount , Sub Total, Customer Email, Customer Name and Cart Info.)


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    Sure, you can inject code into the emailer that is sent out to customers. It's in the /wp-easycart-data/design/layout/...your layout.../ec_cart_email_receipt.php that goes out to customers.

    It will contain all customer data, totals, emails, cart info, etc.)


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