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Streamline subscription function - less clicking around.

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  • Streamline subscription function - less clicking around.

    Think the best way I can describe the feature request is by supplying screenshots - see below.

    Summarily, I think it is much more intuitive to have the standard and subscription options listed with one product as radio buttons. The way it is currently set up with WPEC is the user has to click around to find the subscription option which could introduce the risk that they miss it or lose interest before they find it.

    In the proposed way, users don't have to click around searching for the subscription option. It also may eliminate missing it altogether.

    Also of note is giving the user ability to choose frequency right from a dropdown menu within the same product. Very direct and clean.

    Secondly, having a link to the subscription option right under the "Add to Cart" button or something similar would be a dynamite way to streamline traffic into subscription avenues.

    I am pretty eager to have this function implemented. I may even hire programmers to do it, but I think most of the WPEC's clients could benefit from this tweak as well.

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    Another example of how it could be accomplished is similar to using Options. Have a dropdown of subscription choices on the product page as shown in your tutorial video here:


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      Yep, it's a good idea to do... but stripe back in the day didn't invent their subscription API that way, it's vastly different approach. More of a single product/plan and then users are attached to it, which really blocked price changes and variable changes on a subscription at that point... Now jump forward to the last few years and it's changed again, I think there is more control in there for this type of stuff, but certainly be a major overhaul to rewrite how it is done to make this tweak... Just one of those things that seems easy on the surface, but major changes would have to happen to make it work this way. We understand though.