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  • Change default Product page

    I am new to WP EasyCart and using the Pro 4.1.7 Version.
    When I click on a product it is shown on a post/blog but I want to have them shown a fullwidth page with none of the content that is on the post/blog page.
    My site theme is Astra with the Pro upgrade and I am using Elementor Pro Page Builder. How can I make this change?

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    Hello: So it really just depends on your theme how it treats pages vs posts and if they are the same template, not the same template, or allow you to select and make them the same.

    You can try going to settings -> design and check 'match store meta design' on here and see if it works... if not, you can create a custom post template that mirrors your page design template. This would happen in your theme though, not easycart.

    Here is a quick blog article on how to do it: